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We are experts in animal control! Our certified wildlife specialists focus on providing professional, high quality, and affordable animal control solutions for homeowners and businesses.

Addressing your wildlife nuisance protects your family's well-being and your home. Besides keeping you awake at night, these critters can carry harmful diseases that can spread to humans and household pets. These guys are known for contaminating food, chewing electrical wires and causing fires, chewing water pipes and causing floods, and damaging just about anything they can get their teeth or claws on. The damage they can cause to your home will eventually end in larger repair bills, frustration, and inconvenience.

Georgia ranks among the top states in wildlife diversity and Metro Atlanta's rapidly growing rate of homes and businesses has created a massively large group of native wildlife species struggling to find suitable living space. Homes in attics provide a perfect environment for these creatures to call home. Attics provide safety from predators and warm shelter to sleep and reproduce. All of these factors contribute to the constantly increasing population of critter infestations in Atlanta homes.

If you suspect you have wildlife nuisance and/or want to avoid it from happening in the future, give us a call to set up an inspection. We will provide you with a detailed written estimate, informational reading material, and solution options to choose from that will assist you in your decision making process.

Facts About Exclusion:

Construction gap (pictures below) is the space between the roof decking and fascia where rodents use the gutter as leverage to slide through or chew an entry in to gain access into an attic. We offer 2 options for reinforcing the roof line gap.

  • Seal gap with galvanized steel drip edge flashing.

  • Eliminate access to the gutter system with RodentGuards, rodent-proof gutter toppers installed in a manner that rodents won't be able to gain access into the gutter system.

*We do not use mesh to seal constructions gaps*

Soffit Gaps are usually incorners where the soffit or fascia intersects with the roof, typically at the point where an upper section of roof meets a lower section. This area is a highly vulnerable entry point in which the animals can use the roof as leverage and slide through the opening or chew an entry point through the soffit and into the attic.

  • We reinforce corners with "painted" galvanized steel flashing.

  • We can also replace chewed wood or re-re-enforce with "painted" flashing.

Gable Vents are common entry points used by animals to gain access into the attic area.

  • We screen these vents from the ouside with a painted galvanized steel mesh which will protect the louvers from being chewed by squirrels. This also keeps birds and bats out (neither of which can be avoided if the gable is screened from the inside). The screen and screws are painted to match the surrounding wood.

  • Option to screen vents from the inside available if the vents are accessible safely from the attic.

Roof Fan Exhaust Vent Covers are a potential entry point to the attic as rodents easily slide through and into the attic effortlessly ripping insect mesh installed in the vents to keep bugs and birds away.

  • We reinforce these vents wrapping them with painted galvanized steel mesh

Foundation vents are another common entry point used by rats and mice to gain access to the crawl space, walls, attic, and in some unfortunate instances, even into living spaces. Foundation vents are normally screened with insect mesh only.

  • We reinforce over with galvanized steel mesh and if visible, we paint the mesh to blend into the surrounding structure.

  • When necessary, we seal from the inside.


We offer different trapping methods and programs to fit your needs. We are both licensed for residential and commercial trapping.

Crawl Space Doors are often times a main access to a home for small critters. Many times it is not necessary to replace the entire door. In this picture, we show how we seal a door with metal, caulk, and paint.

Electric Automist Sprayer is what we use to spray antibacterial and odor neutralizing agent. This powerful electric fogger sprays to those hard to reach areas, while maintaining your R value of insulation due to the fine particles (not soaking insulation). ​We offer different levels of decontamination.



**Animals can exit but can not come back in. This is the most humane way to remove an animal, offering wildlife an oppurtunity for survival... just outside of your home**

​This device will be removed within 7 days following the exclusion.

Clean Up & Decontamination

In most cases, after the removal process has been completed, there will be droppings and soiled insulation left behind. We offer professional removal of any droppings, replacement of soiled insulation, and complete decontamination of affected areas of your home. Ask about out several levels of decontamination to choose from

Safety & Care ​is always at the top of our list.

  • All of our ladders have stabilizers to provide our technicians with a higher level of safety while working with heights.

  • Harnesses and other safety equipment are available to technicians at all times.

  • ​Stabilizers are wrapped for the protection of your roof shingles.


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