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INSPECTION [we inspect both the interior & exterior of home/structure]

Interior: Our thorough inspections typically start in the attic where we search for entry points, droppings, tracks, nests, damages, or any other evidence of wildlife activity. We then check basements and other rooms of the home that you might suspect, have seen, or heard evidence of critters. This helps us determine the type of animal(s) intruding and the best solution to eradicate the problem.

Exterior: We do a thorough inspection around the perimeter of the property and, when necessary, at the roof. This is critical since most of our exclusion work is performed out here to avoid animals ever gaining access into ANY part of your home that could eventually lead them inside walls, attic, and other living spaces.


Critter Shield specializes in rodent control and removal to help you get rid of those unwelcome creatures from your home/business. A variety of methods, including exclusions, habitat modifications, and general trapping options are available to effectively control these pests.


In our industry, repairs and modifications made to homes/buildings with the intent of eliminating the ability for wildlife nuisance to gain access into the structure is called a WILDLIFE EXCLUSION. The exclusion is the most important part of the process; a well performed exclusion does not only guarantee keeping wildlife out, but it also allows for a successful trapping program. Trapping alone is ineffective since entry points still exist and animals leave a scent attracting others once they are gone. This is what Critter Shield does best! Our experience allows us to effectively seal all existing openings and reinforce common possible entry points to prevent future reentry. It is also imperative to mention that our work is cosmetically appealing because we paint all metal to match its surrounding.


In most cases, after the animal removal process has been completed, there will be droppings and soiled insulation left behind. We offer professional removal of all droppings, replacement of soiled insulation, and complete decontamination to infected areas of your home. Several levels of decontamination are offered including removal and replacement of insulation. Ask for more information on our decontamination services and prices.


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